Hi fellow pool lovers, I created this site for those who love to play pool, want to find information about the game, play online pool games, watch online pool clips etc. Basically, it's for anyone who SIMPLY LOVE POOL!

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I found some pool games online and would like to share with you. Yahoo Pool is getting a little boring!

Online Pool Games

Stay tuned... More content will be coming soon!

Pool Games Online

I found these 3 games on the net which are of reasonably high quality, in terms of graphics and the physics. Has a sense of realism than most pool games. However, due to the better play experience, the load time is also slightly longer. But it's worth it!

Have fun!

Games at - 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool
8 Ball Quick Fire Pool

Pocket as many pool balls as you can before the time runs out!

Play this free game now!!

Games at - 9 Ball Quick Fire Pool
9 Ball Quick Fire Pool

Pocket as many pool balls as you can before the time runs out!

Play this free game now!!

Games at - Deluxe Pool
Deluxe Pool

Speed and accuracy are what you need to succeed. Have you got what it takes?

Play this free game now!!

Latest Updates

Hi, welcome to SIMPLYLOVEPOOL, fellow pool lover! I'm currently filling up the pages with content so you can check in often. If you like to play pool, read about pool then I think this site might interest you.

Pool Academy: Review of Websites offering Pool Instruction
I'm always seeking to improve my pool skills. One of the ways that I can do so cheaply is to use the web and of course, there are so many free resources out there to tap on.

When I first started finding information on pool on the internet, I was overwhelmed with the websites that were available. Some of them are good while some others were not so useful. After much surfing, I've decided to provide a summary and review of the good websites that offer instructions and tips for all pool hobbyists.

Hopefully, the information contained in these websites will be useful for you.

Pool Shops: Review of Websites offering Pool Equipment

To improve your game, you may need (including books on pool) to unleash your potential. There is also information on some need-to-have accessories to keep you game in top shape. Yes, that is why I always surf around for the accessories that keep my pool cue in tip-top condition and to look cool as well.

Again, one way to gather what you need is to window shop on online sites selling pool equipment, ranging from pool cues, accessories such as chalk holders, training equipment, media such as books and DVD and the list goes on. Here, I provide a review on some of the online shops selling pool equipment that I frequent. I've also chosen some pool books with the necessary links to for you to purchase if you're interested.

The myriad of pool accessories available can overwhelm one as well. Should I buy a six-in-one tool tip or should I get just the mushroom porper? These are some of the questions I face when I shop online and it can get quite frustrating. As such, I have also decided to put up a list of recommended accessories for all pool enthusiasts so that at one glance, you know what you need.

Pool Games: Websites offering online Pool Games

The internet is a really fantastic medium. Of course, there are pros and cons about this too. In the context of pool games, the good thing is that there are many online pool games available that pool lovers can play for absolute nothing.

The flip side is that this has caused a dearth of pool games by PC game developers. I haven't seen a recent release of a PC-based pool game, maybe they weren't that publicised as I suspect that profit margins for these games as well as interest is probably muted given the number of free online pool games. The last I played was Virtual Pool 3, which I think is a pretty realistic game which allows many type of advanced shots such as draw shots and even masse.

Online pool games are scattered all over the internet and all indeed hard to find. As such, I have consolidated a list of online pool games here for you to try out and have fun. Bookmark my site so that you can come back here conveniently.

Pool Movies: A Review

To all those die-hard fans of pool, watching a movie about pool is something that cannot be missed. Besides immersing yourself in the plot of the show, there are also tough shots and trick shots that are being shown. Interesting stuff!

From my research, it doesn't seem that there are too many of them. That's a pity. But nonetheless, I provide a list of movies and a review of them is also provided. If you're really keen, you can go to purchase them and screen them in the comfort of your own home! I may put on excerpts of some videos for some interesting shows. Hopefully, I'm not infringing any copyrights!

My Brunswick Apollo Table

I would also like to share my own experience in buying my Brunswick Apollo table. It really took me a long time to decide given that there were push/pull factors.

Along with that, I also had to do the necessary measurements to ensure that my home had enough space for a pool table and still have sufficient place for me to move around. I did up a calculation showing the space that is required for 7-feet, 8-feet and 9-feet pool tables. I finally settled for an 8-feet table given the space constraints.

Fun Pool Stuff

In staying true to the title of this website, I will also be sharing stuff such as videos, photos and other stuff related to pool. Stay tuned.

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